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Federal Dam, Minnesota
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Incorporated in 1911, Federal Dam is located along the Leech River, near the Leech Lake dam on the northeast side of Leech Lake.  Leech Lake is the third largest lake in Minnesota.  Federal Dam is centered within the Chippewa National Forest and the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.

The Leech Lake Honor Guard made their traditional stop at Fairview Cemetery on Saturday, May 26 to honor our local veterans.

City Officers

Mayor: Jim Hinderscheid (218) 654-5777
Clerk/Treasurer: Martha Lavrenz-Johnson

Council Members
Dianne Zuelow-Giffen (218) 654-3618
Darcy Tonga (218) 654-3715
Marty Johnson (218) 654-3017
Mary Greene (218) 368-4051

City of Federal Dam
222 Main Street
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3046

Council meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM at the Federal Dam Village Hall.

City Ordinances

Land-Use Permit Fee Schedule

City of Federal Dam Land-Use Permit Fee Schedule - Get the Land Use Permit Application HERE. (Form is in Microsoft Word format.)

City Council Minutes

City Calendar


Leech Lake Fishing Fleet                       Cousins with Muskies 1955

The village of Federal Dam began as a railroad town.  It was the terminal or division point for the trains going from Superior, Wisconsin to Federal Dam and from Thief River Falls to Federal Dam.  The line was completed on September 24, 1910.  Despite heavy snow the night before, the first train went through on November 14, 1910. 

With the building of the Soo Line and the choice of Federal Dam as a division point, the village grew rapidly.   The village was incorporated on October 30, 1911, and separated from Gould township on April 23, 1912. 

The Corps of Engineers issued its first license for a public boat landing at Leech Lake in 1913.  In 1935, the Federal Dam Improvement Club leased land for a campground for tourists.  For many years, the village was in the business of leasing land to launch services for docks.  Brochures were distributed far and wide.  Trains came out from Chicago on the Soo Line for fishing excursions. 

Public use continued to expand, and by the 1950’s, recreational facilities at Federal Dam were booming.  In 1955, Federal Dam gained national attention for the Leech Lake Muskie Rampage.  The muskies started hitting on a hot weekend in July and the phenomenal catch lasted about two weeks. 

Although Federal Dam has decreased in population from 500 in 1920 to 101 in 2000, the village still serves as a center for recreational activities such as fishing, boating, camping, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing.

A book on the history of  Federal Dam and Gould Township is available through the Cass County Historical Society Museum.

Community: Churches:
Federal Dam City Hall
222 Main Street
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3046
Federal Dam City Hall

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Dee Hillstrom, Lay Minister
PO Box 113
Federal Dam, MN 56641-0113
(218) 335-6393

Sunday Service: 9:00 a.m.

Federal Dam Our Savior Lutheran
Federal Dam Volunteer
Fire Department, Inc.

Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3001
Federal Dam Fire Dept

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Rev. Stephen Solors, Pastor
Federal Dam, MN 56641

Sunday Mass: 11:00 a.m.
Federal Dam Sacred Heart

Fairview Cemetery
Approximately 1.3 miles north of town on the east side of the highway.

Cemetery Records
Federal Dam Fairview Cemetery



Abe’s Place
139 2nd Avenue East
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-5305
Federal Dam Abe's Place US Army Corp of Engineers
Leech Lake

01217 Federal Dam Dr. NE
(218) 654-3145

Dennis Banks Company
10038 Sugar Point Drive NW
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-5885

Bader’s Pheasant Run
2590 112th St NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-5097


Bruce Campbell, Farrier
11630 12th Ave NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3357

Northstar Resort
584 Northstar Dr NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3330

Campbell Maintenance
204 4th Ave
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-5566

Sugar Point Resort
10125 Sugar Point Dr NW
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3150

Hay-Bre Construction
11695 12th Ave NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-5030

Machart’s Bar & Grill
105 Second Ave E
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3336
Federal Dam Machart's

Peterson Masonry
11666 Cty 8 NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3531

Porky’s Sewer Service
11229 Cty 8 NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3413

Red Sky Construction
403 5th Ave W
Federal Dam, MN

Relative Research Genealogy
11973 12th Ave NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641

Riverside Quick Stop
12 1st Ave East
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3212
Federal Dam Riverside Quik Stop

Tonga’s Launch Service
& Cabins

221 Cedar Street
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-3715
Federal Dam Tonga's

W.C. Peterson Excavating
1115 County Road 8 NE
Federal Dam, MN 56641
(218) 654-5282

Federal Dam, 2nd Ave from West
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